Our Mission

At Birdi it is our mission to provide beautiful, affordable jewellery that reduces harm to the planet. All of our pieces are made with lab grown Diamond Alternatives, cut and set to the same standards as the Diamond Industry.

Made to look and perform just as a commercially minded Diamond does, our Diamond Simulants are indistinguishable to the naked eye and less than 10% of the retail price. Everyone should be able to enjoy the Diamond look for less.

"Let’s pave the way for Diamond Alternatives together"

The true cost of commercially mined diamonds is never nice to think about, but this planet is the only one we have got. Soil erosion, millions of tons of earth displacement, habitat destruction and unethical mining practices are everyone’s problem.

Away from the developing world it’s easy to forget the true cost of luxury goods, but in 2020 there are more options than ever before to shop ethically.