Our beautiful Birdi Jewellery should last a lifetime with proper care. This care should apply to any fine jewellery you have at home.

  • Clean with warm soapy water and a soft bristled toothbrush to remove any dirt or residue from the item.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on any plated jewellery
  • Try to avoid hand sanitiser as it is very acidic and can strip rhodium off your jewellery.
  • We recommend keeping your Birdi Jewellery in its hard case, to protect it and your other jewellery from scratches – plus it’s just super cute!
  • Although Birdi Jewellery is affordable for all please treat your pieces like the beautiful fine jewellery it is, we never recommend wearing fine jewellery for tasks like washing up or gardening.

Individual care instructions come with your pieces, with unique care recommendations for your pieces.

If you have any questions about caring for your Birdi Diamond Simulants, please contact our customer care.